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NBC Programming & History

HistoryFounded in 1926
Total Viewers (2016)8.4 million (#2)
SportsNFL, NHL, Olympics
Top SeriesThis Is Us
Evening News Rank#2

NBC is one of the United States' big four networks - joining CBS, ABC, and Fox. NBC has always actively committed itself to having diverse programming that appeals to a wide range of viewers. And today's programming options are no different. Some of the network's most popular programs include: The Voice (which has celebrity entertainers mentoring promising young singers as they compete for a recording contract), the re-boot of Will and Grace (a program that initially gained popularity more than a decade ago as it broke down stereotypes about the LGBTQ community), and Saturday Night Live, which satirizes and lampoons current events and politicians.

In previous generations, people would cluster around their family's television station on nights when their favorite programs were airing. Not that long ago, Thursday night was Must See TV for NBC - with its blockbuster hits, Friends and Seinfeld. However, with dramatic technological advances, more and more people are unplugging from their traditional cable television providers. And, in unplugging, they are transitioning over to a variety of different streaming devices that allow them to watch their favorite programs whenever it is convenient for them - instead of having to carve out a specific time. Freedom is the new buzzword in television viewing.

Streaming NBC Online

Recognizing viewers' new preferences, NBC offers a streaming option for its content. The NBC App works with a wide range of streaming devices, including: Amazon Fire, Xbox One, Roku Channel, and Apple TV, among others. For a full list of what devices are compatible with the NBC App visit the network's website, www.nbc.com/apps. Unlike the streaming apps for some of its competitor networks, the NBC App has some significant limitations. For example, on other networks, users can access numerous episodes of their favorite television programs. On the NBC App, most programs only offer viewers the option of seeing the most recent episode - although there are some exceptions to this. Also, there is less content available on NBC - there are fewer classical television series available (with the exception of the original Will and Grace series) and there is also not the same level of original content that one sees on ABC and CBS.

Another key limitation is connected less with the actual app and more with how the app is marketed to potential users. Most of the other networks have very detailed pages that highlight how their apps can be used. These pages also provide specific FAQs for users that spell out answers to critical questions, as well as the price for utilizing the app. Sadly, the NBC page is not nearly as detailed - and most potential users are left with extensive questions after visiting the NBC page. It is not clear if there is any plan to upgrade this marketing campaign to hook potential new app users.