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FOX Programming & History
HistoryFounded in 1986
Total Viewers (2016)5.1 million (#4)
SportsNFL, MLB
Top SeriesEmpire

The Fox Network did not enter the broadcast fray until decades after CBS, ABC, and NBC had begun broadcasting. Yet, despite its late start, the network has proven to be extremely successful at carving out a dedicated group of viewers who have responded to its unique programming choices. For years, Fox's most popular programs were American Idol (the reality television singing program that regularly topped the ratings) and The Simpsons (a highly topical cartoon program that provides commentary on a range of social issues). In addition to these programs, the network also airs the popular comedy, New Girl, and the critically acclaimed series, Empire.

In addition to the extensive programming that Fox offers on its flagship network, it also has numerous spin-off channels not available on OTA, such as FX, FXX, Fox News (dedicated to providing the latest news from a conservative perspective) and Fox Sports (that airs sporting events). Most of these channels can be had by subscribing to Sling TV.

Streaming FOX Online

Like its peer television networks - ABC, CBS, and NBC - Fox has recognized that its viewers are increasingly looking for flexibility in how and when they view programs. In recent years, many Fox viewers have decided to cut their cable cord and end expensive contracts with cable television providers, like Comcast. Instead, they have transitioned to relatively low cost streaming devices, such as: Apple TV, Amazon Fire, and Roku. These streaming devices allow users to view programming whenever it is convenient for them. View Fox's Roku Channel.

And to tap into this group of viewers, Fox has launched an app that allows viewers to easily access all of their favorite television programs. The Fox app works with a wide range of viewing devices and allows viewers to watch all of their favorite programs either live or on-demand. In addition to content directly from Fox, the app also provides viewers with exciting content from FX and National Geographic. This wide range of content is sure to appeal to viewers of all ages and all viewing preferences. There is something for everyone.

Unlike the reviews for many of the other networking streaming options and apps that offer mixed impressions, reviews for the Fox app are almost universally positive. Viewers love the wide range of content that they can access and most of them also highlight how user friendly it is (which may be a definite plus for older viewers or individuals who are less technologically savvy). And these are not the only benefits of the Fox app. The Fox app is also free-of-charge, which undoubtedly is a positive selling point for students or other individuals who may be on a limited budget.

With all of these positives going for it, the Fox app is a definite must-try for any television lovers or anyone who finds themselves unable to commit to watching programs at a specific time each week.