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ABC Programming & History
HistoryFounded in 1943
Total Viewers (2016)6.3 million (#3)
SportsNFL, NBA
Top SeriesThe Good Doctor
Evening News Rank#1

ABC is one of the most highly watched networks in the United States with a string of popular, as well as critically acclaimed, television programs. ABC competes with CBS, NBC, and Fox as the big four broadcast networks. Some of these highly watched show include: Dancing with the Stars (a reality program that pits celebrities against one another in ballroom dancing), Black-ish and Modern Family (two comedies that explore the realities of 21st century diversity in America and the challenges that many families face), and The Good Doctor (a recently unveiled drama that tells the story of a young doctor who is on the autism spectrum).

As with many of its competitors, ABC recognizes that many people's viewing habits have dramatically changed over time. With the explosion in new technology and multiple ways to cut the proverbial cable cord, more and more viewers are looking for new ways to watch their favorite programs - rather than sitting in front of the television at a regularly scheduled time each week. Many people are simply too busy to watch television this way - but, they still want to stay up-to-date with their favorite programs.

Streaming ABC Online

In response, ABC has launched its new app that gives viewers access to all of the network's most popular programs, as well as classic television series from decades gone by and original content that can only be accessed via the site. These outstanding programming options can be viewed via numerous different devices, including: iOS, Amazon Fire, Apple TV, and Roku Channel. This means that almost everyone who has made the decision to unplug from cable providers will be easily able to view ABC's programming.

The first step in accessing this content is to make sure that your streaming device is compatible with the ABC app. From there, you simply need to download the app onto your device - and once this download is complete, with just a few clicks of a button, you can begin to watch all of your favorite programs at any time that you want. And even better, all of this content is available to you at absolutely no cost. The download is free and all other charges are covered by your subscription to one of the streaming devices.

Another definite plus of the ABC app is that content is available to subscribers soon after the content has aired on the network. All content is placed on the site the day after it airs - this means that you will be able to keep up with all of the water cooler gossip at work; and it also minimizes the likelihood that someone will spoil a great surprise. Everyone knows that there is nothing worse than gearing up for a program only to hear what happened from a well-meaning friend or another website.

On the downside, ABC content is only available within the United States and its territories. This means that you may have to put your viewing habits on hold until you get back from your next vacation or business trip.