History Timeline of FOX

FOX has had quite an eventful history. Here is a timeline of all the important dates within its storied past.
Fox Film Corporation

February 1, 1915: The Fox Film Corporation was formed to produce motion pictures by William Fox.

1929 Stock Market Crash

October 24, 1929: After the Crash of 1929, William Fox lost control of the company in 1930, during a hostile takeover.

20th Century Fox

May 31, 1935: Under new president Sidney Kent, the new owners merged the Fox Film with Twentieth Century Pictures to form 20th Century Fox in 1935.

December 31, 1935: After 80 years, Fox Film becomes defunkt, however part of the "Fox" name still lives on with the creation of 20th Century Fox earlier in the same year.

TCF Television Productions

November 1956: 20th Century Fox purchases a 50% interest in the NTA Film Network, an early syndicator of films and television programs. TCF Television Productions was then created after the NTA network failed.

News Corporation

March 1985: The Fox network's foundations were created through News Corporation's (a media company owned by Australian publishing magnate Rupert Murdoch) $255 million purchase of a 50% interest in TCF Holdings

May 1985: News Corporation agreed to pay $2.55 billion to acquire independent television stations in six major U.S. cities from the John Kluge-run broadcasting company Metromedia in NYC, DC, LA, Houston, Dallas and Chicago.

December 1985: Rupert Murdoch agrees to pay $325 million to acquire the remaining equity in TCF Holdings from his original partner, Marvin Davis.


October 9, 1986: At 11:00 PM EST & PST on October 9, 1985, The Fox Broadcasting Company launched as a competitor to the Big Three television networks, ABC, NBC and CBS by Rupert Murdoch and Barry Diller.


April 5, 1987: The network expanded its programming into prime time with the premieres of the sitcom "Married... with Children" and the sketch comedy series "The Tracey Ullman Show".

The Simpsons

The Fox Broadcasting Company adds a third night of programming, on Mondays, a season that heralded the start of a turnaround for Fox. This season also debuts The Simpsons.


December 18, 1993: Fox signed a contract with the NFL to televise regular season and playoff games from the National Football Conference (which had been airing its games on CBS since 1955).

New World Video

May 23, 1994: Fox agreed to purchase a 20% stake in New World Communications, a television and film production company.


July 17, 1996: Fox Television Stations would acquire New World outright in a $2.48 billion stock purchase, making the latter's twelve Fox affiliates owned-and-operated stations of the network.


Fox hits a major milestone when it emerges as the most-watched U.S. broadcast network in the lucrative 18-49 demographic for the first time.

American Idol

Earned the position as the most-watched American television network in total viewership during the 2007-08 season.


Fox suffers a collapse in viewership and the network as a whole fell to third place (suffering an overall decrease by 22%) in total viewership.


This season marks a notable turnaround for Fox, as it jumps ahead of ABC to third place in nationwide ratings.